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All dogs are not created equal. Some write a book...


Big Head is like most dogs living in rural New Zealand. He chases wild goats, scrounges bloody meals, and aspires to be a pig hunter. Life is sweet as, but his addiction to chasing sheep lands him in trouble, and he finds himself clipped to the end of a short chain. Luckily for him, he’s given plenty of lab kisses to Mr. Chin, an overseas teacher living in the area. One day, Mr. Chin releases him from the chain and brings him to the beach.


A perfect series of events often transpires to bring a dog and human together. This story confirms that there are energies at work creating this magical union over and over no matter the circumstances or where you are in the world.

Volume I of The Big Head Diaries follows Big Head from his free-range puppyhood to his more measured life at Mr. Chin’s side.

Written from the perspective of Big Head. 

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"At my young age, I’ve learned this is one of the greatest pleasures in life: going beyond where one can see— only to find more to explore."


Diary Entry—Beyond

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Big Head Videos 

I have a lot of  footage of Big Head that needs to be shared! Many of the videos here were originally edited for Without Rain There Can Be No Rainbows, a multimedia memoir about my time in New Zealand told from my point of view. Keep checking back for my videos and thanks for visiting.

Reading through the Big Head diaries for

"Not once do they allow the ball to bounce in the fresh mess. This is a school where you learn things, and I reckon learning to deal with shit is as good a lesson as any."


Diary Entry—Mr. Chin 

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A new dog and the coolest cat...

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Video 3B--Baaaaaaa

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