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Super Sunday. Super Stoked!

Look ahead my young apprentice. Always look ahead!

"This is a Super Sunday!" declared my 7 year old son, Jaxen, as he skateboarded across The Cave, arms wide for balance.

"Look ahead dude. Try not to look down. On a wave. On a snowboard. On a skateboard. It's always good to look ahead!" I instructed knowing he wasn't listening.

He was too wrapped up in his own learning, too happy with the idea that we were actually skating in our kitchen and general space. Pulling up our two inch mats, cleaning the floor, and taking on an activity that could involve injury on a school night was the last thing I wanted to do. But what's a middle-aged former skate rat supposed to do when his son begs to have Sunday Skate Night? I had no choice but to drop-in!

The previous day we had charged pounding waves and camped at a new area lulled to sleep by the ocean's song and foghorns. We woke to a sunny Sunday, hit the beach, hit Tillamook creamery for an ice cream cone, and then hit a river on the way home.

Surfing and fly fishing has instilled in me a great love for the ocean and rivers. Bringing my kids to my happy places makes us all happy.

It really was a Super Sunday.

Kids in wetsuits makes me happy.

Kids in waders makes me happy.

We camped at Barview Jetty Campground. It's a huge campground with both tent and RV sites. We chose a tent site without hook ups to park our truck camper near the beach and jetty. It's adjacent to the Day-Use area so when we rocked up there were still lots of cars. But within an hour there was no one around. During the busy season I'm sure it's loud, and with the tight spacing, it would feel like you are camped in your neighbor's driveway. The kids are spoiled now and dislike crowds as much as I do. Offseason camping rules! Oregon rules!

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