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Sage Solace

Sage Smudge Sticks for Sale

Making and selling Sage Sticks came about by my love for nature, and my deeper love for guiding my children to the wilds. It represents thousands of miles on the road, and hours scaling canyon walls and wandering river edges.

We harvested the Desert Sage in Eastern Oregon along the Deschutes River where I often sought refuge to heal from divorce. Like the canyon itself I am wide open in her presence; I can be alone and not lonely.

Rim of the Deschutes River canyon near Maupin.

October 2018

I bring my kids there because I want them to know the golden hour light on the canyon walls and the song of a river will deepen their breaths, and that in those moments, gratitude prevails over anger, devastation, or whatever it is that troubles them at the time. One cannot run from problems, however, knowing where to find temporary sanctuary is important.

The smell of Sage is a way to bring that solace home.

Rayden with a carefully selected haul of sage.

We dry the sage in The Cave then we stuff the bundles into eight inch PVC pipes for more curing. This step helps us create an assembly line process and perfect a single step with repetition. It also gives the sage time to conform and hold their shape before wrapping as we will often stuff the pipes one night and then wrap the next night.

Surrounded by Sage!

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